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Eulalio González

1921-12-17 - 2003-09-01

Eulalio González Ramírez (16 December 1921 – 1 September 2003), nicknamed "Piporro", was a Mexican actor, humorist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, announcer, film director, and film producer. Though González began his career in the entertainment industry working as a radio announcer, mainstream success came when he, along with Pedro Infante playing the title role, starred a radio drama titled Martín Corona. González portrayed Martín Corona's elderly norteño sidekick named "Piporro". Martín Corona's success spawned a film version, Ahí viene Martín Corona in 1952, with González and Infante reprising their roles. He also played a similar role as the norteño sidekick of Fernando Casanova in the El Águila Negra film series.