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Jenny Hecht

1943-07-30 - 1971-03-25

Jenny was born on  Friday  July 30th  1943 , in New York City , to Ben and Rose Hecht of Nyack New York. Jenny became an actress by the age of 8 and went on to become and accomplished actress and singer! Jenny's career spanned over two decades and Jenny's talents on stage, screen and television became legendary! Jenny worked with such notable Talent as Geraldine Page, Mark Stevens, Vicki Cummings, Paul Guilfoyle, Eddie Albert, Helen Hayes, and Billy Burke, to name a few! Jenny's acting coach was the legendary Constance Collier! Jenny attended The Dwight Junior School in Englewood New Jersey, as well as, the Prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York! Jenny first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in the role of Helen Hayes, in "The Helen Hayes Story." 1951. Later, Jenny went on to work with Helen Hayes. Jenny appeared in the movie, "Actor's and Sin," 1952, where she worked with Eddie Albert and several other emerging actors. After Jenny's performance in Actor's and Sin, Jenny appeared in the Broadway Production of " MID-SUMMER,"  1953-1954, which opened on Broadway, January 21st 1953, at the Vanderbilt Theatre, before going on tour. Jenny also appeared  as, "Anne Frank," 1959, and as the  name character, Simone, in the Broadway Production of, "SIMONE." 1959-1962. Jenny went on to appear in the Broadway production of, "THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS," 1960, which opened, on December 6th 1960 , at the Phoenix Theatre in the East Village. Jenny appeared in several other Film Productions including, "Apres la Passion selon Sade", 1968, "The Jesus Trip", 1971, and The Living Theatre  Documentaries, "Antigone" 1968,  and "Resist!:To Be with the Living!" 2004. Jenny also had appearances in several TV series, including, "Wagon Train," 1958,  "The FBI,," 1971, Three Empty Rooms" 1953, and the Anthology Series, "Climax!" 1958. One of Jenny's, most touching, memorable and prophetic roles, was that of, Sally Mayhew, a young lady dying well before her time, in the, Wagon Train TV Series episode, "The Mary Ellen Thomas Story." Season 2 Episode 12. Later on, Jenny Courageously Performed with, The Living Theatre, 1963-1968, an Experimental Theater, which became controversial and famous, for it's Revolutionary style of launching The Theatre as a platform for social change. The Living Theatres unique Productions, Improv styles, audience participation and bringing us Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway Productions of,  "THE CONNECTION," "THE BRIG," "ANTIGONE," "FRANKENSTEIN," and "PARADISE NOW," to name a few, brought about a dramatic change in Jenny's theatrical career and opened the door for Jenny to courageously pursue her endeavors of improving the world and the quality of life for mankind! Jenny's love and concern for her fellow human beings weighed heavily upon Jenny's mind and ultimately cost Jenny her life! Jenny's last roll was in the movie, "The Jesus Trip". 1971.  Shortly after filming of The Jesus Trip was completed, Jenny's Career, and Jenny's Life, Came to an End. On Thursday March 25th 1971, Jenny returned to Her Hotel room, in North Hollywood, and quietly Passed From This World. Jenny was Only 27yrs old!! Jenny's official cause of death was listed as a drug overdose.