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Danae Reynaud


Franco-Mexican actress born in 1995. She started acting when she was 5 years old in live performances of Enriqueta Ochoa's poems and radio novels. At the age of 10 he debuted in the theater in the adaptation of the play The Doll House by José Antonio Cordero entitled Videodrome in the Julio Castillo Theater. At age 11 she began her work in student and professional short films. In 2012 she debuted in the feature film Club Sandwich by Fernando Eimbcke. Since then he has participated in 13 feature films, including the North Pacific by Valentina Sachetti, Allá en el Rancho de Rafael Montero and Julián de Izrael Moreno. She is currently studying film at the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC) where in the specialty of Direction.