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Manuel Conde

1915-10-15 - 1985-08-11

Manuel Conde was a Filipino actor, writer, director and producer. He was taking up geological engineering and entering the movies was farthest from his mind, It was a bit player, stuntman, laboratory a ventriloquist (a puppet named Kiko). He made his first film, "Mahiwaggang Biyolin" in 1935 then signed a contract for LVN Pictures, where he made almost three dozen films, both as an actor and director. As an actor, he used the screen name Juan Urbano during the 1930s. His first directorial assignment was "Sawing Gantingpala" 1939. After the war, Conde directed "Orasang Ginto" 1946, considered the 'first post-war Filipino picture before and after the fall of Bataan and Corregidor'. Conde made his mark in 1950, with the landmark movies, "Genghis Khan", believed to best screen adaptation of the legendary Mongol conqueror, He directed other big-budgeted adventure movies -- "Seite Infantes de Lara"1950, "Sigfredo"1950 and "Krus na Kawayan"1956. He was also known for his "Juan Tamad" series which he lambasted and made fun of the politicians and society's ills and foibles. He was also best remembered on the several successful Nida Blanca - Nastor de Villa musical comedies be directed like "Ikaw Kasi" and "Bahala Na"