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John Wells

A life long artist, musician, and multi-award winning actor, John Wells began his film career in 2006 and has since been well acclaimed for his dynamic versatility, immersive acting method, and dramatic presence on screen. Wells has delivered scene stealing performances in a string of features from a broad range of genres, and has built a notable following on social media platforms for his work. He earned applause as founding father, Patrick Henry, in reviews of FOX's historical series, Legends & Lies: The Patriots, and was called a "tour de force" for his performance in the depression era drama, The Old Winter. In 2015, Wells was honored with the Médaille d'Or for Outstanding Achievements in Film by a Kentuckian. In recent years he has cemented himself as a respected go-to feature film leading man, often playing dark complex characters, such as his role in the sci-fi/action/brawler, Arena Wars. In addition to acting, John is also a father, writer, fitness enthusiast, and outspoken advocate for Autism education and acceptance.