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Djonny Chen

Djonny is an Indonesian-British producer based in the North-West & London, working throughout the UK and overseas. His film production work includes various international territories such as London, Oxford, Switzerland, Milan, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Morocco, Canada and Indonesia. He has been making feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and experimental films in the UK and Indonesia. His works have won several awards. Djonny established SILENT D PICTURES, an international Film and Television production company based in the UK. For the last few years, in association with, and via partnership with, several top film companies in Indonesia, Djonny has produced, co-produced, lined-produced and shot many Indonesian feature films, TV, TVC, and Web-series. All of these feature films have been released nationwide in Indonesian cinemas, some reaching the top of the Box Office. He has also produced, co-produced and distributed many other English-language feature films. Djonny is currently producing several feature films to be released in the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and other world territories.