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Dušan Tarageľ is a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts, which he completed in 1971 with a red diploma. Immediately after graduating from university, he became a member of the Slovak National Theater. During his rich acting career, he played a number of interesting characters, whether in theater or in films. The most famous films and productions in which he has performed include The Day That Won't Die, The Lost Valley, Sváko Ragan, Christmas Waffles and Ťapákovci. He has also appeared in several series produced by Slovak Television, but his performance has been focused on theater for many years. Thanks to his performances, he has also won several acting awards. He is married, lives in Bratislava and has two daughters. In addition to the theater, however, he also engaged in dubbing acting for many years. At present, he has been permanently involved in the SND drama in Bratislava since his graduation.