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İsmet Ekin Koç (born 21 June 1992) is a Turkish actor and musician. Koç left Antalya to study Business Administration (English) at the Istanbul Bilgi University and start to study online education sociology. His first movie was Senden Bana Kalan, which is the adaptation of the Korean movie A Millionaire's First Love. He played the main role "Özgür Arıca", for which he won an Ayhan Işık Special Award. Shortly after, he played the one eyed soldier "Mehmed" in the British movie Ali and Nino, in which Maria Valverde and Adam Bakri were the lead actors. The movie is an adaptation of Kurban Said's novel (1937) and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. He starred in the film Bizim İçin: Şampiyon, based life story of jockey Halis Karataş. He is producer and actor of short film App. He went to Cannes Film Festival with films Okul Tıraşı, Kurak Günler and short film Büyük Uçuş.