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Minami Aoyama


Minami Aoyama is a young actress of Pink Eiga who is supposed to be the most admired. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, on May 28th, 1982. She has a sexy mole under her right eye, and a round face that gives her a soft and tender look. Because she looks younger than her actual age, she has often been cast in Lolita-type high school roles. She began her career as a porn video actress when she was 21. She started acting in Pink Eiga that same year in, “Ambiguous” (directed by Toshiya Ueno). Since 2005, she has worked on TV and V Cinemas (straight to video or DVD). She joined a theater company, “Gesshoku Kagekidan,” which performs avant-garde plays. In August 2008, she acted in Japanese avant-garde superstar, Shuji Terayama’s drama.