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Delia Farizath

The youngest of three sisters, Delia Farizath grew up in a Tamaulipas, Mexico. Her mother Delia Cobos, being a successful businesswoman, taught her to be perseverant. She is one of three siblings, Isabel Cobos, a graphic designer and Zelinda Cobos, a financial accountant and owner of multiple companies in Mexico. Delia studied International Logistics at ITESM and has always followed her passion for acting and singing. Since she was young, Delia complemented school with acting. Her talents also include drums, modeling and singing. To strengthen her talents, she received lessons at Metropolitan Cultural Institute, along with Radio Tacea and Clave de Sol. In 2010 she moved to the United States of America to pursuit her dream of becoming an actress. She then joined New York Film Academy where she studied Acting for film. Delia has been acting in several short films, music videos, television shows and theater ever since.