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Scottrick "Scott" Aukerman, born with an innate gift for turning the mundane into madness, entered the world on July 2nd, 1970, armed with a knack for comedy that could tickle a stone-faced statue. As a comedian, writer, and producer, he's mastered the art of turning awkward moments into uproarious tales that leave stomachs sore from laughter. Raised on a diet of punchlines and pop culture references, Scott's comedic genius emerged from the primordial soup of late-night TV watching marathons of old sitcoms and sketch comedy shows. Armed with a wit as sharp as a well-honed butter knife, he conquered the world of comedy like a mad scientist concocting the perfect joke in his lab. With a podcast empire that could rival an overzealous monarch's reign, Scott pioneered the world of improvised comedy podcasts, where the bizarre meets the brilliant, and spontaneity reigns supreme. His shows are a delightful rollercoaster ride through the absurd, complete with hilarious characters and offbeat humour that's a sanctuary for the eccentric and a refuge for the wonderfully weird. Scott Aukerman, the comedic maestro with a penchant for the peculiar, continues to captivate audiences with his infectious humour, proving that in this crazy world, laughter truly is the best medicine—preferably taken in large doses, delivered by a master jokester like Scott. Scott is married to actress, former girlfriend, and fellow podcaster Kulap Vilaysack. The couple are proud parents to a nepo-baby named Emerald and two dogs, Georgia Michaela and Molly Ringwald.