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Wendy Crawford

Wendy Crawford A proud Member of SAG -AFTRA She first stepped into the footlights singing and dancing at her local community theater before she was 6, she had her first major role in a motion picture alongside Clint Eastwood in "Heartbreak Ridge". She was featured in several music videos including one for Edie Brickell and Amnesty International. She combined her comedy and improvisational at Rawhide Wild West Town, appearing for a decade to international audiences from around the world . She was featured in the films "Middle Men" opposite Luke Wilson and "Car Dogs" starring Patrick J. Adams and George Lopez.She was the lead in Discovery Channel's crime drama "Love The Way You Lie". She graduated with a degree in Theater arts including study in film, theater, commercials, voice-overs and broadcasting. Her passion is volunteering with Theater Art's programs for children and adults with special needs.