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Fritz Alberti

1877-10-22 - 1954-09-15

Fritz Alberti was a German actor. He studied construction at the Technical University of Berlin, worked in the construction industry and was a government construction manager from 1904 to 1907. In 1906 he decided to become an actor and appeared in Kassel and at the National Theater in Mannheim. In 1922 he came to Berlin. Soon after, Alberti also received film roles and became a frequently used supporting actor. In 1928 alone he appeared in ten different films. He also continued to be on stage, for example at the Theater am Kurfürstendamm. He joined the NSDAP on April 1, 1933 (membership number 1,667,025), became chief treasurer of the NSBO ​​film specialist group and head of film records. In this role, he arranged smaller roles, occasionally reprimanded artists who did not conform sufficiently, and checked requests for financial support from the Goebbels Foundation " Künstlerdank ". After the end of the war, Alberti did not return to the stage, but instead worked as a voice actor and acting teacher.