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Charla Kaye Bocchicchio was born in Belleville, IL to Robert and Frances Hale, the youngest of five children. Always interested in make-believe and performing, she got her start in theatre in her youth and continued her love of acting into her young adulthood, at the University of Utah where she earned her BFA in Theatre. Charla has been fortunate to make a life in the arts; teaching, acting, creating arts in education programs and bringing the arts to special populations through her many years as program/artistic director at CDF, a non-profit arts organization in Birmingham, AL. In 2012, she moved to Los Angeles to continue her newly found love of acting for the camera and flourished there for a few wonderful years, training with some of the best in the industry, namely Anthony Meindl, who changed her paradigm completely and gave her a new way to work and teach. In addition, Charla was blessed to have Judy Kain enter her life as a mentor and dear friend, who offered her the position as lead youth teacher for award-winning, Keep It Real Acting School in North Hollywood. Southern California also brought Charla her wonderful husband, John Bocchicchio, whom she met in an Improv class at UCB. They returned to a place she once called home, Salt Lake City, in late 2014 where she has continued her charmed life and is now an award-winning, busy, actress, in commercials, TV, Film, Voice-over, etc. She is no stranger to the indie film scene as she loves to collaborate on projects she feels passionately about. Some of Charla's favorite projects have involved improvisation, which she adores, including several viral internet ads. In addition to her acting work, Charla is also a highly sought after acting coach in SLC.