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Choky Ice, born Attila Csaky, in Hungary, had already figured out where he wanted to be and what he wanted to do with his adult life, at an early age. The handsome, blond, sometimes brown-haired man recalled setting his dream of becoming a pornographic actor as early as kindergarten, although honestly he "could not define it" at that point in time. Before actually starting a career in porn, Choky worked as a model. When he finally began to focus his efforts on starting a porn career, he describes his beginnings in porn as being relatively easy to get started. Choky networked through female performers established enough to suggest him for film shoots. Since 1995, Choky has worked in the industry with a profitable and fulfilling career spanning over 15 years. He admits that has received criticism for his job choice by people he meets day-to-day on the streets but he is where he wants to be doing what he enjoys. His work has been recognized with multiple AVN awards and Choky has plans to direct adult films, gradually becoming more of a director than performer in later years.