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Fan Mei-Sheng


Fan Mei-sheng (樊梅生; born 13 September 1942) also known as Fan Mui Sang, is a prolific Hong Kong Cantonese actor. Fan Mei-sheng started acting in movies from 1964; his first movie was The Story of Sue San. He made his name in Shaw Brothers Studio productions, including the role of 'Black Whirlwind' in All Men Are Brothers. Through the 1970s and 1980s, he was often cast as the villain in many Hong Kong martial arts films and thrillers. In 1979, Fan replaced Simon Yuen (who died during filming) in The Magnificent Butcher. That, as well as his role as an explosives man in The Postman Fights Back, became one of his best known performances. He also acted in the Michael Cimino film, Year of the Dragon; and in total has acted in one hundred films. In addition, he has directed one film, Amsterdam Connection in 1978, and produced another, Dark Side of Chinatown in 1989.