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Larisa Angela Bakurova (Ukrainian: Лариса Анжела Бакурова, Chinese: 李瑞莎; pinyin: Lǐ Ruìshā, commonly shortened to 瑞莎, Ruìshā; born February 21, 1985) is a Ukrainian-born Taiwanese actress and model. Besides her modeling engagements, she has appeared in supporting roles in the Taiwanese drama They Kiss Again and the film Don't Go Breaking My Heart. In 2012, Bakurova starred in the film Young Dudes directed by DJ Chen Yin-Jung. Bakurova was a professional rhythmic gymnast from ages 3–15 and won numerous national competitions. She was Miss Kyiv at the age of 18. Bakurova is a graduate of Odesa National Economics University, where she holds a master's degree in economics. In 2013, Bakurova obtained the Taiwan Permanent Resident Certificate and began the naturalization process. She married a Taiwanese national in 2015 and gave birth to a daughter in 2016. On January 24, 2019, Bakurova became the first naturalized Taiwanese citizen of Ukrainian descent, which required a long process to renounce her Ukrainian citizenship since Ukraine does not have a consulate in Taiwan.