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Jean-Pierre Bacri

1951-05-24 - 2021-01-18

Jean-Pierre Bacri is a French actor, screenwriter and playwright, born May 24, 1951 in Bou Ismaïl (formerly Castiglione) in Algeria and died January 18, 2021 in Paris 6th. In 2005, he sponsored the Devoirs de Mémoires collective. Jean-Pierre Sauveur Bacri was born in Algeria into a Sephardic Jewish family from Algeria. When Algeria gained independence in 1962, the family arrived in Cannes. At 23, he left his position at Société Générale, went to Paris, and trained as an actor at the Simon course and the Jean Périmony course, while writing plays, including Le Doux Visage De L'Amour for which he received the Fondation de la vocation prize in 1979. The same year, he played his first role in the cinema in Le Toubib. His performance as a pimp in Le Grand Pardon by Alexandre Arcady in 1982 made him known to the public. He then multiplied supporting roles, with several directors: Diane Kurys, Claude Lelouch, Claude Pinoteau, Luc Besson, Jean-Michel Ribes, Tony Gatlif, Gérard Krawczyk, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Pierre Tchernia, Jean-Marie Poiré, Yves Boisset and Yves Robert. In 1986, his name began to appear at the top of the bill: for Mort Un Dimanche De Pluie by Joël Santoni, then L'Été En Pente Douce by Gérard Krawczyk in 1987. He played the same year in the play L'Anniversaire, directed by Jean-Michel Ribes, alongside his future colleague and companion Agnès Jaoui. In 1993, he starred in the comedy Cuisine Et Dépendances, for which he also wrote the script. Then he co-wrote the screenplay with Agnès Jaoui of Smoking / No Smoking by Alain Resnais (César for best original screenplay 1994). In 1996, the duo exploded onto the general public with Un Air De Famille, directed by Cédric Klapisch (César for best original screenplay 1997). The same year, Jean-Pierre Bacri was in the comedy Didier by Alain Chabat. Then, in On Connaît La Chanson by Alain Resnais, for which Bacri co-signed the screenplay. (César for best original screenplay and César for best supporting actor). In 1998, he appeared with Catherine Deneuve in Place Vendôme by Nicole Garcia. In 1999 in Kennedy Et Moi, by Sam Karmann. In 2000, he played in the film Le Goût Des Autres, directed by Agnès Jaoui (César for best screenplay). He participated in the script of Asterix and Obelix, Mission Cleopatra by Alain Chabat and narrated the film. He continued his films with A Maid, by Claude Berri. In 2003, in Les Sentiments by Noémie Lvovsky. In 2004, in Comme Une Image, by Agnès Jaoui, (Screenplay Prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival). This will be followed in 2006 According to Charlie by Nicole Garcia, in 2008 Speak to Me About the Rain by Agnès Jaoui. In 2009, Farewell Gary by Nassim Amaouche. In 2011, Before Dawn by Raphaël Jacoulot. In 2012, he played in Chercher Hortense by Pascal Bonitzer. In 2013, he reunited with Agnès Jaoui for a sixth feature film Au Bout Du Conte. In 2015 he was in The Very Private Life of Monsieur Sim by Michel Leclerc. In 2016, in Tout De Immediate Now by Pascal Bonitzer. The following year, he headlined Grand Froid and Le Sens De La Fête. He also makes an appearance in Santa et Cie by Alain Chabat. In 2018, in Place Publique by Agnès Jaoui, then he played in Photo De Famille. Jean-Pierre Bacri died of cancer on January 18, 2021 in Paris 6th at the age of 69.