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Jennifer MacDonald

Jennifer MacDonald was raised all over the US and Canada and has traveled all over the world. At the tender age of sixteen, after graduating high school, she enlisted in the US Army where she was trained as an Arabic Linguist. She attended survival and jump schools and was sent to work all over the Middle East as a cryptologic "voice interceptor". She has also worked for various government organizations as a translator. She speaks standard Arabic, Egyptian, Spanish and some French. Making documentary films while in the Army encouraged MacDonald to get into film-making after her departure from the service. While working in film production in San Francisco, she got the acting bug. MacDonald got her start in San Francisco as part of a twelve person theater ensemble called "Lightfoot", a multicultural, multi-ethnic group of actors dedicated to performing cutting edge material. Since arriving in Los Angeles three years ago, MacDonald has appeared as a guest star on several TV shows, including "The Adventures of Brisco County Junior", "Dream On", "Red Shoe Diaries" and most recently "Land's End" with Fred Dryer. She has a knack for attracting interesting, off-beat material like the Showtime original movie "Dead Weekend." MacDonald stars opposite Steven Baldwin as a homicidal, multilingual Alien from the planet "Claire." In the psychological thriller "Shades of Black," she plays a naive, young pro-bike racer stalked by a schizophrenic performance artist. MacDonald also stars as a fighter pilot opposite Mark Hamill in "Wing Commander III," the most popular CD-Rom in history. MacDonald has studied with Jeff Corey, Brian Reese, and with teachers from ACT San Francisco and Seattle Rep.