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Grace Gua Ah-leh (born 2 June 1944) is a Taiwanese actress and singer. Gua has portrayed over 200 roles in film and television since 1965. She has won the Golden Horse Awards 4 times and the Golden Bell Awards twice. Gua Ah Leh is a well known award-winning actress. Also known as Kuei Ya-lei and Grace Gua, she was born in China in 1944. She studied acting at the National Taiwan University of Arts. In 1965, she made her professional movie debut in The Rain of Sorrow, and received a Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress. That award made her the youngest Leading Actress winner in the Golden Horse history. Next year, she was in the movie Home, Sweet Home. Her performance in that movie won the Best Leading Actress in the Asia Pacific Film Festival (Indonesia), and another Best Leading Actress Golden Horse award. In 1978, she won the Best Supporting Actress Golden Horse award for her role in "Didi's Diary". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia