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Brandi Edwards is a Porn Actress from United States. She was born in Tucson, Arizona on July 23, 1980 as Angeline Marie Parkenson. She started in the hardcore entertainment world in 2005. The road leading up to her eventual debut in the pornographic spectrum began in 2000 during which Brandi worked as a stripper and glamor model. Five years later the erotic filming industry received a 25-year-old beauty who was early on, a brunette before making a pleasing alteration to becoming blond-haired in later camera appearances. As she neared age 30, Brandi is often now cast in more mature roles during production shoots and can be seen as frequently playing the part of a lusty mother, or teacher, seducing younger male co-stars. This is undoubtedly the more notable performances in her half a decade-long career that continues to grow and grow with steady, highly-satisfying performances. Brandi has blue eyes and brown/blonde hair. She is 157 cm tall, weighs 45 kg and her measurements are 32DD-23-32 and she has enhanced tits. Brandi Edwards is also known as Mrs. Edwards, Angeline Marie, Jessi McCarthy and Brandy Edwards.