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Mikio Narita

1935-01-31 - 1990-04-09

Mikio Narita (成田三樹夫, Narita Mikio, 31 January 1935 – 9 April 1990) was a Japanese actor. He was most famous for playing villains.[1] He often worked with Kinji Fukasaku. Narita graduated from Haiyuza Theatre Company acting school and joined Daiei Film. His career as a screen actor started in 1963.[2] His film debut was the 1963 film Kōkō Sannensei.[3] He gradually won fame by playing the role of the villains.[3] In 1971, Narita left Daiei and became a freelance actor.[3] AS a freelance actor he appeared in many yakuza films produced by Toei film company.[3] In Japan he is best known for his role in Tantei Monogatari(TV series). He is also well known for his part in Battles Without Honor and Humanity series.[4] He also portrayed the evil character in Mito Kōmon (3rd season). He died of Linitis plastica on 9 April 1990.[3] His final film role was in the 1990 film "Jipangu".[3]