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Mang Hoi

1958-05-02 - 2023-10-09

Mang Hoi (Chinese: 孟海) was another important member of Sammo Hung's stunt team during the 80’s – and often worked with Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao in their films as well. Like most of that stunt group, he alternated between stunt work for other actors and appearing in front of the camera as a character. He did have a few major roles though in his career.  With his cherubic face and small stature and seemingly good nature he has been very popular with HK film fans. And like many of this group who worked with Jackie or Sammo or Yuen, he was a student at Madame Fan Fok-fa’s Opera School and went on to stunt work before getting more sizable roles.  He seems to have retired from films for the most part by the early 90s though he did have a small part in Ah Kam and The Extra. His sister is female kung fu actress Kitty Meng Chui. Mang, also, actually won a Best Supporting Acting award for his part in Yes Madam. For a time he was the boyfriend of Cynthia Rothrock and directed part of her action vehicle Lady Reporter/Blonde Fury. Was a member of the Sammo Hung Stuntmen's Association.