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Greg Page was born in Sydney, Australia on January 16th, 1972. He is most well-known for his role in the children's entertainment phenomenon, The Wiggles. Greg was raised with a keen love of music, and this developed over the years into a passion. Another passion which also took hold of Greg was that of educating children. When he attended Sydney's Macquarie University to study Early Childhood Education, he teamed up with fellow students Anthony Field and Murray Cook to form what would become one of the World's largest children's entertainment brands. As a founding member of The Wiggles (1991), Greg travelled all over the world to entertain children in live concerts as well as recording well over 20 CDs and 22 DVDs with the group, combined sales of over 17 million CDs and DVDs and performances to more than 4 million people. In November 2006, Greg retired from performing with the Wiggles and their heavy touring schedule. He was diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance, a condition of the autonomic nervous system which regulates aspects of the body's functioning which we don't have to think about such as blood pressure, breathing, sweating, and heart rate. Since retiring from the group, Greg has enjoyed new challenges in life, and has been awarded an Order of Australia by the Australian Governor General for his services to the arts, in particular, children's entertainment, and to a variety of charities. Greg enjoys listening to music (mostly Elvis and Neil Diamond but enjoys a lot of styles), playing cricket, researching computer technologies, and documentaries and books about ancient history. He enjoys reading about religion, philosophy and spirituality, and has developed a very keen interest in learning more about life and the universe. He now practices meditation which he finds very useful for centering his life around those he loves. In June, 2011, Greg released his autobiography, Now and Then, written with assistance from Neil Cadigan. It addresses his departure from The Wiggles due to illness, as well as the struggles he faced in his personal life at that time. It also looks happily upon the time he met his second wife Vanessa, and the birth of their first child together, Lara. They now have a young son together, Cameron who just turned 1 year old on July 14th, 2012. In January 2012, at the invitation of The Wiggles, Greg rejoined his mates to tour with them in place of Sam Moran, who took on the role of the Yellow Wiggle when Greg fell ill in 2006. His return to the group was only intended to be an interim measure whilst The Wiggles sorted out what they would do with regard to replacing Moran on a full-time basis, but as it turns out 2012 will be the final year of the original lineup of The Wiggles performing together. The Wiggles are currently on a world tour, celebrating 21 years of Wiggling, and the final year of the original lineup.